The 10 Benefits Of Clean Windows

At the end of a long day, a refreshing shower and dinner with friends is all that most people want. Except for those who have the added luxury of dust-free windows – they just want to do something about it.

It’s true that windows are more than just a transparency tool to allow light into your house. If you keep them clean, they’re also the perfect shield against external elements like dust, dirt, smog and UV rays. They can even help improve energy efficiency, market value of your home and make it look more attractive.

A dirty window can be depressing – it makes a home look old and tired. Cleaning your windows only takes an hour and the benefits are immense:

1.  They will allow more natural light into your home

2.  Windows that are clean and clear will help you save on electricity as the amount of light entering a room through dirty windows will reduce its brightness – which means you need to use lights more often. A cleaner window means more light gets through (even on cloudy days) which will help reduce electricity usage.

3.  It gives the illusion of a bigger room and wider windows – this can change how you feel about your home, making it seem more spacious and airy. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to keep the outside of your house clean!

4.  It will keep your windows in better condition, making them last longer. A cleaner window means less grime and dirt which also means there’s less to wear away the window pane.

5.  A clean window will improve the exterior look of your home. A dirty window is an eye-sore that can really make a home look out of place. Cleaning your windows, especially the lower floors will help freshen up the exterior and give it a better appeal.

6.  It can help boost energy efficiency by improving how much light enters your home – so you could save money on electricity bills. But using fewer lights also means less strain on light bulbs too!

7.  It lessens the need for excessive cleaning inside your home – if you have cleaner windows, it makes dusting easier and reduces the amount of grime that collects on surfaces. This means anyone with allergies can breathe easy too!

8.  A clean window will improve your mood because of better light-flow into your home – and we all know that a happy you means a happier lifestyle.

9.  A clean window shows off your curtains more (if they’re hung nicely) and makes your home look like it has some effort put into it! Which is more likely to increase the value of your house if you ever want to sell it.

10.  A cleaner and clearer window will reduce the amount of work you have to do in order to give your home a touch-up every now and then. It will also increase the life of your furniture by reducing how much dirt and grime gets into it too!

Clean windows are more than just great for appearances – they’re also great for the health of your family and helps you save on cost AND effort in keeping your home spick-and-span. To help you keep your windows clean, you could always hire a window cleaner. If you’d rather do it yourself then check out our range of quality window cleaning tools here.