Benefits Of Using a Window Squeegee


Window Cleaning Squeegees: The Benefits of Use

Window cleaning squeegees are often overlooked and undervalued. Many people have bad experiences with the squeegee and prefer to use other cleaning methods. They are often associated with petrol stations, where there is one rubber side that can be used for wiping and one that can be used for cleaning. These products are often used by many people, and some may be very rough with them. Your business’s squeegee won’t look or perform the same way.

Window cleaning tools were originally created for sailors to use on the decks of ships in the 18th century. The squeegee’s capabilities have improved over time. It is now well-known that you need to use purified or deionized water in order to get the best cleaning. Another advantage is that most squeegees can be angled and swivel according to your needs, which reduces wrist fatigue. Cleaning with a squeegee requires a lot of finesse, especially if your goal is to get streak-free results. Many people don’t know how this is done, so they hire you to clean their windows.Professional Window Cleaning Squeegees And Washers Window Washing

Squeegees have many benefits in cleaning. Squeegees can be used to make cleaning easier and allow for more thorough cleaning. Multi-purpose tools, such as squeegees, can be used to simplify many cleaning tasks and help keep your home cleaner over time. They are especially useful for windows that can be hard to clean.

The Benefits

Squeegees can be very simple to use and are simple to learn. Squeegees can prevent mineral formation and remove streaks from cleaners. You can clean surfaces faster with squeegees. This tool is particularly effective at removing excess moisture, which can help prevent the formation and growth of water spots. Multi-purpose Squeegees can be used on many surfaces, including glass.


What is the best way to clean windows with a squeegee?

The best way to clean your windows with a squeegee is to use the “S” method. Luke here from Window Washing shows us how to clean a window effectively with a window squeegee.


Window Cleaning Solution To Use With Squeegee?

We only use sunlight liquid, which is the same as using dove or any other mild dishwashing liquid from any other part of the world. The benefits of sunlight are that it is chemically formulated to clean your dirty oily dishes, once applied to the glass you can scrub all the oily residues and bug marks leaving the glass spotless.

Window Squeegee Price

Our window squeegees range from R345 to 380 depending on size.

Window Squeegee With Long Handle Extension Pole

If youre looking for an extension pole  then check out our article and video

on how to clean windows with a telepole.

Best way to squeegee a window

The best way to clean a window is to find a method that suits you and stick to that cleaning method. Once you’ve mastered it, you will be able to clean over and over again with little to no effort needed.


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